Online marketplace for the florists

With the growth of the ecommerce industry, the BloomNation is a platform that offers the floral designers and the florists to start their own online business. This market place connects the florists or floral designers with the consumers. They have around three thousand florists in their company who exhibits their own floral arrangement rather than the designs or arrangements shown in the templates like other sites. The ecommerce company received the funds from many investors, including the Spark Capital and the Andreessen Horowitz, and the company raised $5.5 million. Month-over-month the online marketplace received fifteen to thirty percent rise in their business and with received funds they are planning to expand their business by launching a mobile app, and hosting the event and wedding services. The website has a coverage over ninety seven percent of the United States, and thirty percent of the florists and floral designers registered in the online company do not have a brick-in-mortar store.
The online floral business was started by three friends and by the end of 2014 the run rate was around ten million dollars. The average order size is around eighty five dollars with one lakh twenty thousand transactions. When compared with the floral wired service, the floral designers and florists are able to keep maintain a large portion with themselves. Even though the company does not aim to business in a cost effective manner, their website features some extravagant creations and bouquets at cheaper price.

The long term goal of the company is to enter into the local commerce, along with the floral industry. They have a wide range of competitors from 1-800 Flowers, Teleflora and FTD but still customers focus only on BloomNation.

Etsy, the website for craft people faces a tough time

Etsy, the online marketplace for unique handmade items was found in 2005 by a group of friends. The company has always been making healthy improvements and good market revenues since then. It has many rivals in the industry and the mighty Amazon plays the main villain role, no kidding!

The so called “God of Ecommerce” Amazon has launched a separate marketplace for unique handicrafts that are a lot cheaper than products of Etsy. But honestly speaking, money does not matter or make any differences, the quality speaks a lot! In that way, classy handmade products from Etsy are superior to the ones from Amazon despite the higher rates.

However, Amazon’s heavy competition has done damages to the stock markets of Etsy. The CEO Chad Dickerson did not give in to the speculations from the media as he was quiet confident in getting back on to the track. According to a recent study, the company’s market share $61.37 million has gone down 7 percent lesser, thanks to Amazon, sarcasm much?

Etsy has also been lenient in spending money for marketing purposes but there is no sign of quicker improvement for the company. Chad Dickerson might have been adamant with his views on his company, there seems to be something going wrong for Etsy and he must figure out some ways to get good market shares before it is too late! The critics say there would be more rivals for Etsy in near future.

Would you buy a precious engagement ring from Etsy?

Would you buy a precious engagement ring from Etsy?

Etsy, the online shopping website is known for its individuality and uniqueness. The handmade products are exclusively designed by the finest artisans across the globe. Despite the higher rates, people still prefer Etsy to any other online website that is meant for handicrafts. Etsy’s jewelry marketplace is not very strong when compared to other websites that are exclusively meant for jewelries. However, there are many handmade rings on Etsy that are very unique and about 1.2 million results would show up if you search for finger rings. What if it’s your big day, would you buy an engagement ring from Etsy? An idea of getting an engagement ring online is bizarre and would scare the hell out of you! But there are people who still go with their gut feelings to get an engagement ring through online websites. Etsy has some decent number of jewelry makers who make money off their businesses.

There’s an Etsy entrepreneur called Petra Hein who makes good profit by selling 60 to 90 diamond rings a month. So if you are planning to get an engagement ring from Etsy, do not forget to take notice of these things.

  • Read the reviews about the jewelry makers and their works
  • You are about to purchase an engagement ring and hence, it is always necessary to check the refund policies of that particular seller.
  • Never ever forget to claim your receipt for the purchased ring because it can be of great help in future and do not forget to insure it as well!
  • Not every jewelry fit properly and also there are a few Etsy sellers who do not resize according to customer’s measurements.
  • It is always safe and wise to use credit cards when you purchase something from an online website. Most importantly, make a wise decision because there are too many fraudsters online!

Etsy faces a fall in shares despite its prominent growth

Etsy is an online retail website that sells unique and classy handmade items produced by the finest artisans. The company was found in 2005 by Chad Dickerson and it has slowly crawled up to people’s hearts due to its creative collections. The marketplace contains every basic necessity starting from a shaving product to a beautiful vintage flower vase. It poses a threat to many local retail websites that are specialized in handicrafts and also retailer giants like Amazon, EBay and BestBuy. In order to take down the shoppers’ favorite destination Etsy, the retailer giant Amazon introduced a marketplace for handmade items for a lot cheaper prices. Etsy’s market revenue went down due to Amazon’s recent new addition in the market. But many shoppers preferred Etsy to Amazon because of the quality of the handmade products. After all, quality matters in everything and Etsy is the master mind in it!

Etsy has been having a tough time and it is because of a bad share market. The company faced a fall in share market by 6.89 percent despite having a decent growth in sales wise. The active buyers and the company’s market revenue were considerably high in 2015 when compared to 2014. The company has even introduced holiday deals for its shoppers in order to increase the traffic to its website. It is also constantly working to pose a strong competition to its contenders and we can soon expect Etsy to have a strong comeback in market shares!

Ways to make a living on Etsy

Etsy, the dream website for artisans and shoppers who are crazy about handicrafts is a massive hit across the globe. Many people are now looking for a way to make living on Etsy. Nowadays, people prefer the products that are very unique to the obvious replica ones from many showrooms. Etsy is the right place for people wanting to be different from others and kudos to the team!  It is also the right place for people who want to make money off their unique products. There are many sellers like Jennifer Garrison and Jody Dunse who have made record breaking sales on the website. Jody’s unique dresses based on Disney themes have fetched her instant fame and recognition, thanks to Pinterest that has played an important role in the grand success. There are many ways to make a living on Etsy, some of them are mentioned below.

Make use of social media platform

Owning a store on Etsy is not enough, you need to fetch followers to go viral. Create an account on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many other sites and keep the followers updated with your works. It could boost up your sale in an extensive way.

Always keep it minimal and manageable

Do not go overboard with your creations and always remember to keep it manageable. Many beginners get excited and aim for the record breaking sales in the initial period, but later they fall behind and disappoint the customers. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Make use of those precious “keywords” to understand the customer’s needs

Jennifer Garrison admits her success is due to the precise keywords. Her customers are always provided with the products that are close enough to their specific needs. Hence, make sure you use the right keywords to grab attention from the shoppers.

Give a neat presentation

In order to be successful on Etsy, you need to put up classy pictures of your products in the store. Exclusive HD pictures could be a turning point for your carrier, so get yourself a fancy camera right now! Using attractive models to represent you products is another effective marketing strategy to grab attention from Etsy users.

Make time for your business

It cannot be your hobby anymore, always remember to make time for your business. That is how Jennifer and Jody achieved success; they always make sure they communicate with the customers and manage time accordingly.

Etsy asks its sellers to get health insurance via Tech Startup

Etsy is an online marketplace that is specialized in unique handmade items from the best artisans around the world. It has many rivals like Amazon, BestBuy and other local retail websites that are exclusively meant for handmade items. Etsy does many live campaigns and offers holiday deals to grab attention from people. The company’s CEO Chad Dickerson encourages the sellers to keep the prices high despite the heavy competition from its rivals, hope it is not a sign of over confidence!

Etsy has always been keen in staying creative and unique from the rest and it even encourages its sellers to produce products that are beyond imagination and highly classy. The company has now requested its sellers to get health insurance via Stride Health simply because it cares about them. Etsy wants its sellers to stay safe, healthy and continue to do what they love the most. How very sweet of you Etsy! But the critics say it is all for publicity, nevertheless, the efforts are much appreciated about shopsy!

Stride Health compares the health plans with other options and offers the best that suit the sellers based on the lifestyle, plans, etc. Etsy collects no fee for the partnership and the plan has already received very good feedbacks from the sellers across the globe. It allows the sellers and their families to stay safe, healthy and immensely blessed. Kudos to the entire team of Etsy for coming up with such a brilliant idea!

Points to Remember before Opening Etsy shop

Etsy shop acts as a tool for users to get profit from their own creativity and skills. But before starting the shop, user should be aware of the site’s policy, so here are some tips to know about it.

Be Imaginative in choosing the right name:

Choose a suitable name for the shop which should be unique and trendy enough to grab people’s attention.

Have an Idea about Tax requirements:

Before starting an Etsy shop, you should have strong knowledge regarding sales tax collection and business license so that you will not be subjected to penalty for tax collection.

Set price based upon your effort:

Be sure to set an affordable price for the product, according to the money you spent and the time you take for that product. The price should be in such a manner which satisfies the customer and give you a profit.

Plan on shipping and proper packaging:

Have a proper planning on the cost of shipping which includes transportation charge, packaging charge and the time you take to deliver the product. Include a personal touch in the package in a fun way with a thank you included in it.

Improve photography stills:

An image of a product should be in such a way that should grab customer’s attention.  If an image is incorrect or blur customer refuse to have a look at it.

Learn about SEO:

You need to know about the Etsy search engine optimization in order to make your product found, even if there are millions of products displayed on Etsy.

Use social media:

Utilize any one of your favorite social media for your Etsy Marketing.



Focus on your favorite products:

Sell items for which you are passionate about, as the love and enthusiasm you show for that product will result in success.

Keep your products ready:

Get ready with your products to make a better sale because buyers will browse your shop searching for a variety of products and not a few numbers.

Etsy puts up a marketplace event in Perth

Etsy, the most suitable website for unique items has been the talk of the city in Australia. People who are fans of classic handmade items from the Australian city Perth were lucky enough to witness the live marketplace event. The event that took place at the State Theatre Centre courtyard on November 28th was a grand success. Many buyers turned out for the event and it featured a lot of quirky handicrafts from the famous stores of Etsy. The event had a wide variety of wall paintings, accessories and more exciting items. Etsy’s managing director for Australia and Asia; Helen Souness wanted the entire city to witness the amazing creations from the top sellers of Etsy. Many stores like The Little Makery, Fluid Ink brought a lot of attention to the event. Many sellers took part in the event and made profit off the incredible marketplace event.

Marketplace was put up mainly for the most celebrated festival Christmas. Money was not the only purpose for the event that took place in Perth; it wanted people to get inspired by the works. The marketplace event’s success made other Australian citizens from the city to go check out the website. In other words, it can also be considered as a huge publicity for the company.

Etsy has conducted many events across the globe to boost its economy and the strategy has never failed to impress the locals. It is definitely one of the reasons for the marketing giant’s success.

Etsy creates awareness for animal welfare

Etsy has been the choice for many people who have craze for unique handmade items. Most of the products displayed on Etsy are classy, creative and cannot be found anywhere else. The artisans who make money off the site are mostly women. Alicia Shaffer, the most famous seller from Etsy has turned into a millionaire and even inspired many other women as well. Meredith Langley, a stay-at-home mother started a store called iheartneedlework that sells hats for the furry friends. Furry friends do not refer to your not-so-cute hairy human friends, but it refers to your cute little pet cats and dogs. The store was an instant hit across the country and she started making money off something that was just started as a hobby. Her unique and cute hats were among the many Etsy products that were sold the most.

Meredith is an animal lover and she always wanted to conserve the wildlife, her works not just made good sales but also created awareness for animal welfare. She has even adopted many orphaned animals at home. This would definitely encourage her existing buyers to adopt orphaned animals.

Her collections include various themed hats like wizard hats, cute nurse caps, graduation hats and many more. The hats are exclusively designed for cats and dogs, but the sizes are altered according to the specific measurements. The materials used for producing the hats are very pet-friendly and likable as well. If you have a pet cat or a cute little pug, do not miss out these beauties!

Procedures for Etsy Marketing

Etsy is a unique site which allows the makers to sell their products and sellers to search for handmade and vintage goods. There are some obstacles which ruin its market, so here are some tips for Etsy Marketing:

Facebook advertisements:

Most of the business will have a hard time in the beginning of its launch, but after some period people grow their business through advertisements. People spend a lot of time on Facebook, so using Facebook for advertisements is a cost effective way which will fetch you more customers.

Write contents and create Tutorials:

Contents with instructions which tell people how to create their own craft serve as the best method of your Etsy marketing.

Use Instagram and Pinterest:

Instagram the image sharing app enable people to showcase their creations and get many followers.

Pinterest enable the visitors to pin your creations/images which serves as an opportunity to get your name out.

Email Marketing:

Email newsletters provide readers with a clear updating about your business. Through this you can convey people about the upcoming events and craft fairs.

Setup Google My business profile:

It is a new approach which enables local searchers knows about your business without any cost.

Schedule Ads:

You can display your ad to prospective customers for a particular time period when your store is open.

Creative unique business cards:

Create fun and attractive business cards and brochures which may help recognizing your brand.

Refine geological settings:

This option enables your ads to be visible only to local customers, so it avoids unwanted clicks from people outside your shipping area.

Online contests:

Conducting contests online will make your business grow as people love getting free compliments if they won the contest.

Include keyword research in your product description:

Using keyword planner, you can identify keywords that match the item you going to sell. If you find one, use that keyword for your product names and descriptions.